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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Derby City Classic

The rosters for the annual Derby City Classic basketball game in Louisville, Ky have been announced today. The 19-man roster features 3 future Cards(Elisha Justice, Justin Coleman, and Russ Smith),1 future Wildcat(Stacey Poole Jr.) and a host other future NCAA stars that spans 7 conferences. Over the years this event has had it's share of big name players, DeJuan Wheat, Paul Pierce, Anthony Epps, and The Lopez Bros!, just to name a few, and with the local talent thrown right into the mix it makes to be a great and fun game to watch. In addition to the actual all star game, there is a Slam Dunk contest and a three point contest as well.

The game takes place on April 1oth at 7pm. Last year I was at the game and I watched Rakeem Buckles score 13 straight points to get the black team back into the game. Hopefully he can produce some of that nastiness on the court next year.

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