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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hey, I Know You

So here we are, Championship week and the second round of The Big East Tournament. Pretty much everything has gone according to plan so far except for St. John's destruction on UCONN( who saw that coming?). All the second round matches have been set, Marquette vs. St. John's, eh. Notre Dame vs. Seton Hall, probably gonna be good, and then we've got Louisville vs. Cincinnati. Stop me if you've seen this before, The Cardinals and Bearcats, both in the same conference, both in the postseason tournament, both have something to prove. Louisville must come up big and prove that Saturday's win over Syracuse wasn't a fluke and Cincy has to make a case for the committee to get into the tournament, which won't happen unless they win the whole thing and that is unlikely, but nevertheless, tomorrow's game is a BIG game in a BIG time rivalry and I'm guessing it will be a fight til the end.
Their first meeting was in 1921 and they've been at each other's throat ever since. From the Missouri Valley Conference in the 1960's through the Metro Conference, Conference USA and now the Big East, it seems these two teams are destined to be with each other. Louisville holds the edge in the all time battle 52-39 and looks to keep their winning ways going Wednesday night in Madison Square Garden. Big East Tournament with NCAA implications, historic rivalry,ESPN, what's not to like.

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