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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Word Is Out

It is not a good time to be a running back over the age of 30 in the NFL. Thomas Jones joins the likes of Brian Westbrook and LT to be the latest 30+ backs to be dropped from their respective NFL roster. Whether it be from lack of productivity, injuries or bonuses no team has really given any reason the players are being dropped. But this is following the trends of previous back like Emmitt Smith and Shawn Alexander that once a running back hits the age of 30. They can no longer be productive. Not only does this shake up rosters in the NFL but it also changes a lot of mentallity going into the fantasy season. Seeing as though Thomas Jones was one of the most productive back just last year, he was likely to get another shot with an early round draft. But with the lack of confidence from his former team this will sure affect his draft position in a negative way.

As cruel as it may seem, the numbers do add up. Or dont add up. How ever you want to look at it. Some of the most productive backs in the history of the NFL have hit the wall at the age of 30. Whether it be that they lose a step in their game, or if mentally they just cant keep pace with the speed of the game anymore. It seems like once they hit 30 they just cant get the job done anymore. And the word is out. It seems like all the GM's know this and have accepted that it is time to drop a player at 30. This might be something to consider in the future when drafting a player who is in their late 20's. I'm just saying.

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