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Monday, March 1, 2010

Gold Medal or Championship for your favorite team?

      The Canadians wound up winning the gold medal yesterday evening as Sid "The Kid" Crosby hit the game winning goal in overtime, or extra periods or whatever they call it in Hockey. They avenged their loss to the US earlier in the week, just like most people thought they would do because of their overall talent. 

      Ever since the days of my youth, when I discovered Sports Center and became enamored with sports at the age of 8, could I ever remember the U.S. being so obsessed with Hockey. Typical America hates Hockey and those that turned their heads for a brief moment in hopes to catch a glimpse of another Miracle on Ice have already re adjusted and have their focus back on March Madness, The NBA stretch run and Baseball spring training. The NHL may pick up a few hanger on's and some may stick, but overall america will not stick around the sport.

      I heard a very Interesting question asked and to me there is only 1 clear cut answer, but I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion. The question was....Would you rather have your country's team sport win a gold medal in the olympics or your favorite team in the NFL,MLB,NBA,NHL or College Football or Basketball win their sports Championship? Put yourself in my shoes and plug in your team where they fit, but for me....If the Green Bay Packers are in the Super Bowl....If Louisville was playing in the National Championship game in the NCAA tournament. I could care less weather our national Hockey or Basketball team won a Gold Medal or finished last, I wouldn't care if America didn't win a single medal in the entire Olympics if The Packers are hoisting the Lombardi trophy or The Cards are cutting down the nets. Does that make me unpatriotic? I have no idea, but I know this. I devote a lot more time of my life covering and loving college basketball and the NFL than I do Curling, or Short Track Speed Skating. Am I glad that my country does so well in Olympic games? of course. I don't route against America. Though if your comparing Olympics vs a team that I put my own heart into following every single year through the ups and the downs you better believe I am going to have more to put behind the club team or my local college team.

      Everyone see's it different and I may catch a serious lashing for this article but this is America and hey....thats just the way it is. Think about this question yourself....whats the your answer?

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